About Us

Pigmo emerges as a cutting-edge crypto casino, crafted for Web3 enthusiasts. Our platform contains uniquely designed games that offer exhilarating experiences. We've strategically partnered with elite providers in the iGaming industry, setting us on a path to redefine excellence in the crypto casino realm.

Our thriving Discord community hosts top notch alpha callers. They serve as your insider guide, delivering the latest trends in the world of Web3 to ensure that you never miss a beat.

Our sportsbook is a testament to our commitment to excellence, offering a comprehensive range of betting options with the most competitive odds in the market. We prioritize user experience, ensuring our deposit and withdrawal system is not just secure and reliable, but also swift and user-friendly.

At the core of Pigmo's ecosystem is our native token, $PIG on Solana blockchain. $PIG is more than just a currency, it serves as a utility token interwoven into the very fabric of our platform. It powers several features, enhancing users engagement and experience. PIGMO token is fortified with a deflationary mechanism, featuring a strategic burn system that ensures its long-term value and stability.

But that's not all!

Pigmo takes the integration of NFTs to new heights, offering novel ways to interact with your digital assets. Holders of our NFTs enjoy an array of exclusive benefits, adding a layer of value and excitement to the ownership experience.

Pigmo isn't just a casino, it's a dynamic Web3 ecosystem at the intersection of entertainment, technology, and finance.


Explore our roadmap and discover the exciting milestones and developments we have planned to take our NFT project to the next level.

Pigmo - Season 1



  • Allocation for whitelisted wallets.

  • Whitelist verification live.


  • Launch of 10,000 exclusive NFTs.


  • Early access to PIGMO platform for holders

$PIG Airdrop

First Airdrop

  • Distribution to eligible wallets.

    Distribution to OGs.

Second Airdrop

  • Distribution to pigmo NFT holders.

Third Airdrop

  • Distribution to Pigmo NFT staking holders.

  • Distribution to registered players at Pigmo casino.



  • Official platform launch.

  • New users receive $PIG upon registration.


  • Holders can stake their NFTs.


  • A portion of the funds raised from the mint will be used for hiring new team members.

  • Start of development for PIGMO lottery.

  • New interactions with NFTs within the platform.

NFT Collection

Now, let's delve into our 10,000 NFT collection on Solana—a venture that embodies the spirit of PIGMO. These NFTs hold a vital place within our ecosystem, designed to directly enhance your experience on our online casino platform. Additionally, they open doors to staking mechanisms, allowing you to earn $PIG while holding it.

But why are we launching this NFT collection, you may wonder?

It's a move aimed at expanding our vibrant community. By attracting more enthusiasts and contributors, we're accelerating the development of blockchain-based web3 features on our platform. Expect an array of innovative features, including rewarding systems, seasonal events, unique badges, and much more.

In essence, this NFT collection is not just about art—it's about empowerment, community growth, and the evolution of our platform. We believe that by engaging with our NFTs, you're not only owning a piece of digital art but also becoming an integral part of the PIGMO journey. Join us as we venture into the world of web3 and experience the exciting opportunities that lie ahead

Mint date: TBA



"Having spent approximately two years in the Solana ecosystem, I've had the privilege of creating hundreds of pixel art pieces. While my journey thus far hasn't involved participation in any major projects, PIGMO is poised to provide me with an exciting opportunity to showcase the depth and quality of my work.

At first glance, our art might appear deceptively simple, but it conceals a wealth of intricacies and nuances. Each pixel has been painstakingly crafted, contributing to the overall charm and allure of our creations."



Learn how Pigmo (PIG) is distributed


Welcome to the heartbeat of Pigmo's dynamic ecosystem—$PIG.

Pigmo Coin ($PIG) is set to launch on the Solana blockchain, constituting a significant component of our project's ecosystem. Its primary role is to elevate the user experience, unveiling a realm of possibilities and rewards.

No ICO is planned for PIG; instead, we'll distribute it through airdrops to our community. Holding PIGMO NFTs? You can also accumulate $PIG through staking these exclusive NFTs.

$PIG implements a deflationary supply burn system, segmented into two distinct methods and, consequently, two phases: 'Buy and Burn' and 'PIGMO Lottery.'

Buy and Burn

Phase 01

Profits will be used to buy and burn $PIG.

Phase 02

$PIG holders will be able to use the token to buy PIGMO lottery tickets. A percentage of the entries will be burned and sent to NFT staking holders.


The $PIG distribution is structured with equity in mind. 77.7% of the total supply, equivalent to 3,885,000,000 $PIG, will be allocated to holders, rewarding their participation and loyalty. The remaining 22.3%, equivalent to $1,115,000,000 $PIG, will be allocated to prizes and incentives.

Airdrops & Giveaways


Pigmo Stakers



Ovols' CreatorX stands as a premier launchpad within the Solana ecosystem, boasting an impressive track record of successfully supporting various mints. This includes notable projects like Chads, Nomads, Immortals, and Sober Solabradors.

Their extensive experience and robust technological infrastructure make them a reliable choice for executing a seamless minting process. In fact, their capabilities are on par with, if not exceeding, other distinguished launchpads in the industry.

When it comes to ensuring a successful mint, Ovols' CreatorX has all the essential expertise and resources you can count on